So you want us to come see ya?

I'm afraid we're gonna need to see some ID

We are so grateful for all of the opportunities we get to come out and see y'all. And we try really hard to keep our schedule on track. Thanks for your patience with filling out the form. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for thinking of us!

We are so excited about everything the Lord is doing in & through our family and ministry! We would love to come to your church or community to bring some great music, fun, laughter, and most importantly, the love of Jesus!

We're available for:

  • Church Services
  • Concerts
  • Outreach Events
  • Friend Sunday
  • Homecoming
  • Senior Adult Events
  • Valentines Banquets
  • Military & Patriotic Concerts/Events
  • Christmas/Holiday Banquets & Concerts/Events


Please consider Larry DeLawder Ministries as you plan your calendar of events!