Fast pace…& Focus!

Life is just so fast paced. When I sit down and realize it’s been several weeks, really almost 2 months!! since I have posted on here, it just doesn’t seem possible, although I know so much has happened. We can’t begin to express our gratitude to everyone (ALWAYS) for their prayers for us. Just a few things that have happened in the last couple months:

*My father passed away during the time we were to be moving from TX back to MO. Thank you to everyone for the prayers and concern during that most difficult time. Larry was amazing at juggling packing for our move, school work with the girls, recording, phone calls, managing the house and meals, as well as being mom and dad for almost 2 weeks – all while still traveling for road dates,  managing to record a special song for my dad’s funeral, and travel almost 20 hours to make it just in time for the visitation!!

*We finally made our move, although still in transition and in a temporary home for the time being. This of course, could not have happened without amazing people in our lives both in TX and in MO!

*Life didn’t come to a standstill while we traveled, unpacked, rearranged, traveled some more, reorganized, etc.

*We hit a deer in GA on the way to a ministry weekend in FL at 4:45 in the morning (a HUGE thank you to everyone for their prayers during this one!) – our van, (although appeared like a vehicle removed from the junkyard on the front), actually made it to FL and all the way back to MO  – again, did I say “Thank you for the prayers??”

*We got a rental that we had to sqeeeeeze equipment, luggage, school work, and anything else we needed for a week long trip into. Talk about     learning to pack light and condense. (You find out what you “really” need for travel in these situations…)

* While in WV, we visited with Larry’s Grandpa who is on hospice care. Prayers please for peace and comfort for him and the family as he is constantly making transitions and not adjusting well.

*Our van got fixed, rental returned, and we are preparing for a 2 1/2 week long trip from TN to PA to WV.

These are just some of the highlights of what has been happening with the DeLawders. Everyday is an opportunity to be grateful, give honor to the Lord, and press on. It’s seasons of life like these that really require a focus on priorities and the importance of a relationship with Christ. Without Him, and His peace, I know we couldn’t make it through all of life’s ups and downs. At least, not with our sanity, that’s for sure! Take time (even if just a little) today, and everyday, to really keep your focus on the Lord. Make Him first, seek His kingdom.