Quick update on the DeLawders

(Already shared on FB 3-6-14) Just wanted to do a quick update for everyone (from Sara):

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind for our family. As of our last post we were on the road to a concert in Canyon Lake, TX. We were 10 minutes out and I got a call that they were calling in the family for my father who had just been taken back to the hospital from the nursing home the day before with pneumonia. I was blessed to get a ride back to our house in Fredericksburg (1.5 hours away) while Larry and the girls stayed and finished the evening there. I was fully prepared to drive the night to MO, but was blessed with a plane ticket last minute from some dear friends. When I, as well as several of my siblings arrived in Branson, that day (Sunday) dad was doing amazing. They said he would be moved to a stepdown unit out of critical care the following day. The next morning, however, he had gone the other direction and they were preparing us as a family to say goodbye. It then became a roller coaster, but by Wen night, dad had decided on comfort care. We moved him back to the nursing home with hospice care and he then passed on Sunday, Feb 23. Larry and the girls had been working so diligently (and I have to brag on how well they stepped up and took the “bull by the horns”) to prepare for our move from TX to MO (this in addition to traveling and doing concerts as well) which was to take place on Feb 28, to be moved in on March 1. That did not happen, as I’m sure most of you know. That was the day we laid my father to rest. We then drove all night from Odessa, MO (first dropping my step-mother off in Branson) to TX. We have been so blessed by amazing friends that helped us to finish packing, load the truck and send us on our way the beginning of this week. We arrived last night in Branson and finished unloading the truck today. We cannot begin to share in words, the gratitude we have for all the help and prayers the last few weeks! There have been some changes on our calendar, and I am so sorry if I haven’t been able to be quick to respond to messages, etc. with all that has been happening. We do have some dates that have been moved, and some that we are still looking to fill in the next couple months. We, of course, are still working to book the rest of this year and fill in around the dates already scheduled. Thank you to all that have helped to spread the word about us being back on the road! Thank you also, for continuing to share our updates and availability. We do now have the last weekend in March open (our KS event is rescheduled to June), so if you know of a church/event that would like to have us, pass on the word that it is open! Blessings, Sara