East Bound

We are so excited for our month long trip to the eastern states of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas! We have missed all the familiar faces and look forward to meeting and seeing new ones. Bear with us as we work to get all the details lined up and posted on the calendar and website/facebook pages.

I am truly amazed through this process at the preparation it takes to get everything at home and on the road all worked out. Although we are very familiar with “life on the road”, there is always the “getting ready” stage for each trip and the return home. As I was pondering the details, I began thinking how everything in our lives are preparation. Even the times we make the wrong choice or choose to go our way, instead of the Lord’s. He uses that as well. One of the scriptures I love the most, says He has every hair counted on our heads…wow! To think He actually keeps track of how many I (& you) have, even after they fall out from washing and brushing, or aging LOL. You may be thinking right now: “What does that have to do with preparation” – well, I believe the reality of how detailed the Lord is should just have us in awe. Everything in our lives are intertwined. He is working through every single thing you are going through to bring you – and prepare you – for His purpose and plan. I also know that even the familiar things we think we’ve “got” can stretch us even further when things don’t go as expected, or throw us for a loop. Do you have a plan in place to know how you will handle those little bumps in the road? Really, that is what the preparation is about. It’s about your heart and where it is, not if you have crossed off everything on your list. You can cross your “t’s” and dot your “i’s” but never truly be ready if you don’t spend time with the One who is actually doing the preparing. -Sara