God Speaking in Simplistic Ways

We had a great time at Central Baptist Church in Carthage, TX this last weekend!

As it seems typical for us to forget either something at home, or at the church when we leave – this time it was a cable at home we needed for the sound system. Before the service started, the girls and I headed to good old Wally World to get what was needed. As we were walking through the store, Faith found a penny on the floor and was so excited for her treasure. She gave it to me and we went on our way to check out and get back to the church. About ten minutes before service started, she got all panicked and said “we HAVE to go back to the store!” She was concerned that she forgot the penny, which I had in my purse for safe keeping. In that moment the scripture about the woman that went looking for her one lost silver coin (Luke 15:8-10), came to mind. Although Faith’s piggy bank is stuffed with a ton of pennies, that ONE was so important.

It amazes me how the most simplistic things can leave such an impression on our hearts. The Lord used this very event to express to me once again, just how important each of us are to Him,  and how much He loves us. Do you know how important YOU are to your Creator?!? The Lord searches and seeks you out, although He has others. He loves you beyond any earthly comprehension! Take time to relish in that reality today 🙂 – Sara